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Drupical has made vacations awesome since 2012 and to celebrate our first birthday we have some statistics on the top Drupal destinations for you.
We used the event facts from 12. July 2012 to 12. July 2013 and packet everything into an infographic.

Which is your favorite Drupal...

11 years ago
  • Drupical - Worldwide Drupal Event Infographic
start from the beginning... again

Ein kleines Team von Drupal Austria Mitgliedern und Interessierten hat sich am 23. Juni im sektor5 zusammen gefunden um das Gesamtkonzept der Drupal Austria Webseite (Inhalt, Features, Layout,...) zu besprechen.

12 years ago
  • Drupal Austria Sprint at Sektor5 Documentation Photo
  • Drupal Austria Sprint at Sektor5 Documentation Photo

Drupal on the Road!

12 years ago
  • Drupal Roadshow Logo
  • Drupal Roadshow Map
Is an open graphic design process possible in open source projects?

A new logo is always a change... and lots of people don't like changes because a change is unfamiliar but I hope you like the new Logo for the Drupal Theme Omega anyway!

11 years ago
  • Nico Grienauer is opening his jacket to reveal a omega t-shirt
  • Old Omega Logo VS New Omega Logo
What the heck is wireframing/mockups and why to use it

Mockups reproduces the experience of sketching interfaces on a whiteboard, but using your computer, so they're easier to share, modify, and get honest feedback on.

Wireframes made with Mockups look like sketches, so stakeholders won't...

12 years ago
  • Balsamiq Mockup Drupal Screenshot
  • Balsamiq Mockup Screenshot Drupal Body Text