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OMG OMEGA - Creating a logo for a Drupal Open Source Theme

10. April 2013 - 16:27 -- Nico

Is an open graphic design process possible in open source projects?

A new logo is always a change... and lots of people don't like changes because a change is unfamiliar but I hope you like the new Logo for the Drupal Theme Omega anyway!

You find a little bit of conversation and some old logo proposals in the "Slick Omega Logo" issue quee on but a huge part of the discussion took place via Skype, Chat, Meatspace and as a Designer I did lots of wrangling with myself.


I have done about 60 different logo candidates and in the end I cut them down to 3 versions that I liked and made a small survey. The survey was not clear enough and so fubhy (Lead Developer of Omega 4) told me, that I have to decide.

let's explain my decision

  • Kill the Druplicon (kind of)
    Lots of people do not like the Drupal Druplicon “mascot” but I think it is essential to have something special in a community, which has identification characteristics (but you have to know how to use it)!
    So I have killed the obliquely eyes and used more steady ones and removed the tip of the drop. And you can still recognise it as a kind of druplicon. 

  • New Shape
    With the new shape I completely break with the old one and have done a more geometric mirrored shape. And now there is a drop inside (upside down as a negative shape).

  • Sans Serif FTW
    I think serifs are no business for such a logo. Now the bottom is more straightforward and a little bit sharpened.

  • Colors
    In my opinion, you can achieve with few colors more than with a blinking logo.
    So there is only 1 color left! The Drupal Blue and Black/White. And the gradients are gone, thank god. ;)

  • Flat Design
    Everyone is now talking about the so-called “flat design”.
    And I needed some awesome buzzwords for this blogpost… ähm no… my Style is no 3D, no gradients, few colors, keep it simple and clean...

What people interprete into the new Omega logo:

  • a rising and enlarging/growing drop

  • an omega symbol

  • a druplicon which moves up

  • and I see a spaceship/rocket which starts its journey into the space with a loud woooohooo and lots of dust from the recoil at the bottom - it was a kickstart ;)

So this is great! The more appropriate interpretations, the better it is!

Finally on 15th of march the logo was committed to the Omega repository! :)

please let me know if you like the new Omega Logo or if not, I would love to hear why!

Nico Grienauer is opening his jacket to reveal a omega t-shirt
Old Omega Logo VS New Omega Logo
Omega Logo


Thanks Nico! That Logo really kicks ass :)

Sebastian (not verified)

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