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Wireframing for Drupal Themer, Developer and Sitebuilder

11. March 2012 - 18:39 -- Nico

What the heck is wireframing/mockups and why to use it

Mockups reproduces the experience of sketching interfaces on a whiteboard, but using your computer, so they're easier to share, modify, and get honest feedback on.

Wireframes made with Mockups look like sketches, so stakeholders won't get distracted by little details, and can focus on what's really important instead.

There is lots of software for wireframing out there!

Facebook Timeline Hack Template (update)

1. October 2011 - 15:01 -- Nico

Adaptation of Facebook Timeline cover and avatar with a template

For Facebook, there are already some so-called hacks: Album hack, profile hack and now there is the Timeline hack...
With these "hacks" you change look of your Facebook profiles/pages/etc by individual images that are seen in the whole as a single image.

Facebook Timeline Information Site

Therefore I created a Photoshop template, which allows you a quick and simple preparation.