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Mediadesign & Webservices
Online sweets for small and medium sized enterprises
Drupical - Worldwide Drupal Event Infographic
Drupical has made vacations awesome since 2012 and to celebra
11 years ago
Nico Grienauer is opening his jacket to reveal a omega t-shirt
Is an open graphic design process possible in open source projects?
11 years ago
Google+ profile screenshot with a kitten
Create your unique and awesome Google+ profile in minutes!
12 years ago
Balsamiq Mockup Drupal Screenshot
What the heck is wireframing/mockups and why to use it
12 years ago
Idea and general concept by eyedea. Detail concept & implemenation by Ausgetrock...
Drupalcamp Vienna 2013 - Connecting Open Minds - Screenshot Frontpage
Website for the 3-day Drupal community conference in Vienna. Drupal experts meet...
drupical screenshot front site shows worldwide Drupal events in a useful and nice way. It is a web...
HDinfo Screenshot - Frontpage
Migrated existing Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. Created new front page. Added landing...
Screenshot MHC Business Language Training Website - Frontpage
MHC offers language courses with a focus on companies. The website helps managing...
Official Drupal Omega 4 Logo
Since the beginnings we fell in love with the Drupal Base Theme Omega.Now it is...
Drupal Rules Logo
Logo for one of the most installed Drupal Modules. About 200,000 sites currently...
Canine Footwear Mascot
A mascot for the company Canine Footwear

We are a Mediadesign & Webservices agency based in Vienna/Austria.

P: +43 / 1 / 990 66 03

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We do Drupal since 2005 and are members of Drupal Austria.

Plan Neustiftgasse 79

1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 79

Portrait von Michael Klobutschar

Concept & Development

Nico Grienauer

Design & UX